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Wednesday July 17th, 2024

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Lawyer Referral Service

When we go looking for professional help, be it a lawyer or doctor or even an accountant, how is it we are able to gage or judge how effective or proficient they might be? Most times we rely on our own impressions or gut feelings, rarely based on documented track records or unbiased ratings.

In today's ever changing and complex legal system, many law firms and attorneys have begun to concentrate their area of practice to one or several aspects of the law. No one lawyer, myself included, is capable of being the best at every facet of the law. Therefore it may be in your best interest to retain the services of a firm that concentrates it's area of expertise.

Being in the practice of law for 37 years, I know which firms are best equipped to handle those cases that fall outside of our day to day practice.

Free Service, No Obligation

As a free service to the public, my office will offer recommendations of other firms that concentrate their area of practice if they are in a better position to handle your case at the time you need. There is no charge, you are under no obligations what so ever to use the firm or firms I suggest, but you will have an educated and knowledgeable opinion of the firm we recommend.